• Secure and protect your virtualized data
    DataGravity enables organizations to identify sensitive data across their virtual environments and protect it from theft, misuse, and abuse.
Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Data

Seamlessly deployed as a virtual appliance, DataGravity for Virtualization provides
actionable intelligence and insights through timely analysis of users, content, and activities.

By integrating with our VM infrastructure, DataGravity gathers information and insights about how best to secure and protect VMs.
Granville Harris, IT Director, City of Upper Arlington, OH
Is your data at risk
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Ransomware: the growing attack mode of choice

Ransomware has become the security attack mode of choice for many cyber criminals today. And it’s no wonder, considering how easy and inexpensive it is to launch these types of attacks. In fact, just about …

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Close your mouth; open your ears: The best way to win hearts and minds on data security

Back in September, I was at a DataGravity board meeting when I got a text message asking me to join a call with a prospect – a company that had taken us up on our …

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When an “easy button” doesn’t exist: How to repair ransomware damage

Let’s be clear: there is no “easy” button when it comes to recovering from ransomware. If you’ve already gone through the first two phases of your recovery plan, your company is lucky to have you …

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CISO Andrew Hay will host inaugural RSAC Ransomware Summit; sessions will discuss ransomware protection and prevention

NASHUA, N.H. – February 7, 2017 – Executives...

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02/26/2017 to 02/28/2017
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