DataGravity® for Availability

Data Visibility, Classification, Search, Security and Enhanced Availability for Veeam Availability Suite.


“I like how DataGravity for Availability works with Veeam because it allows me to quickly find compliance issues within my data.”

Matt Crape, IT Director, C3 Group

“As a higher education facility, we have an obligation to ensure that the restricted data policies regarding student records, health records, Social Security numbers and financial accounts are being met while still maintaining the availability needs of our students, faculty, and staff. DataGravity is partnering with Veeam to deliver just that – and empower our IT team to automatically protect our data assets when any unusual user behavior happens, so we can quickly get back to assisting our educators.”

Sean Johnson, IT Director, University of Florida

“I like that DataGravity can detect in real-time, suspicious activity within a virtual machine allowing for immediate protection of the VM with a Veeam backup job.  The rich forensics allow IT to restore back only the files affected when the suspicious activity was detected mitigating further data loss.”

Ian Sanderson, New Technology Solutions Specialist, SITS Group
“DataGravity delivered the critical insight we needed to use IT resources more effectively and keep our data safe and secure. Every day, this information translates into work that directly supports and furthers our university’s educational mission.”
Herman Silva, IT Security Manager, Palm Beach Atlantic University


How it Works


When it comes to protecting and ensuring availability of the Always-on Enterprise, Veeam is peerless. DataGravity for Availability is the only product on the market today that both secures and protects virtual machines. Whether running in production or stored in a Veeam backup repository, the two solutions work together seamlessly for complete protection of virtual machines.

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Discover VMs

Gain Insights

Search across all backup jobs and VMs.

Search a single VM or all your VMs across all of your backup jobs for the content you are looking for.  The search can be against the most recent backup, deleted files or all versions of the VMs.

Find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily.  Search criteria can include: Content, Intelligence Tags, Users, File Paths, File Properties, Fingerprints (MD5 or SHA1 of the file), Creation Time, Last Modified Time or Last Accessed Time.

Behavior-Driven Data Protection

Proactively defend your data against  suspicious user activity, such as ransomware by taking a backup and other actions, as soon as the issue is detected.  Your data protection is no longer a slave to time. Action is taken right away.

Catalogs are created for each backup that include an audit trail of changed and deleted files, data access patterns, and content properties.

Perform fine grain recovery if an event occurs by knowing who and how files have changed and restoring previous file versions from available backups.

Create Content Policies To Proactively Manage Data

Content Insight Policies allow you to monitor content for specific match criteria including intelligence tags, dictionary matches, file properties, and user interactions with that specific content and allow  you to perform actions on the content found.

Data Classification

Understand exactly what data is in your backups, where the data resides and who is accessing the data.  Use this information, to ensure you meet your compliance objectives. For example a backup that contains sensitive payment card information may not be able to be moved to the Cloud depending on your internal policies and if the Cloud complies with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security (PCI-DSS) Standard .

Data Classification can also help you understand the demographics of your data, top consumers of data and even if the data is beyond its retention period.  You can reduce your backup window and save space while meeting valuable compliance objectives by making sure that you are not retaining duplicate copies of data or data that is no longer useful.

How it Works

The dynamic nature of data requires dynamic security. DataGravity for Availability (DGfA) combines multiple data sources to monitor and analyze people, content, and activities over time to understand who and how your data is being used. It uses this information to proactively secure and protect your virtualized data. DGfA provides the required forensics information and tools to remediate issues if they occur.


DataGravity Data Management Platform

The DataGravity Data Management Platform is comprised of DataGravity for Availability (DGfA) and DataGravity for Virtualization (DGfV). DGfA helps you identify and protect your most sensitive data from careless exposure, data loss, and regulatory noncompliance inside your Veeam Availability Suite backups.

The DGfV – Essentials Edition helps you identify and protect your most sensitive data from careless exposure, data loss, and regulatory noncompliance. It also provides file and user activity tracking. The DGfV – Standard Edition extends the DataGravity feature set to include threat detection, forensic analysis, and behavior based data protection and recovery.