Depending on whom you talk to, conferences are either a cost of doing business or an exciting opportunity to learn from industry peers. For Andrew Hay, chief information security officer of DataGravity, security industry events fall into the latter camp. Andrew recently returned from the Tactical Edge conference in Bogota, Colombia, where he gave a presentation entitled “Maneuvering Management Madness.” It focused on communicating with management about security investments.

Andrew discussed his trip on the latest edition of our Center of Gravity podcast. He gets into some of the exciting security technologies and methods used in today’s landscape, and reports on some of the travel aspects involved in conference-going on another continent. It’s safe to say Andrew took steps to make sure he gained as much knowledge as possible, about both the topics presented at the conference and the host city of Bogota.

In this edition, Andrew and I also get into the value of VMUG (VMware User Group) events and connections. As companies determine budgets and commitments for 2017, it’s worth considering a user group that offers connection to IT professionals and trends shaping the industry. Finally, in this episode, Andrew and I share our takes on some current events, including the IoT DDoS attack on Dyn, and recent news about Verizon and Yahoo.

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