Technology Alliance Partners

DataGravity partners with leading technology and solutions providers to visualize, secure and enhance data availability. We take a bottom-up approach, integrating our software and services to help our customers reduce the cost and complexity of managing data.


Servers, Networking, and Data-Aware Insights


As a Cisco Solution Partner, DataGravity collaborates with Cisco to architect complete solutions combining Cisco industry-leading server and networking solutions with our security, protection and analysis tools. By deploying DataGravity, Cisco customers can increase their ability to analyze and understand their virtual data assets with minmal impact on their production environment. DataGravity analytics, auditing, discovery and visualization tools serve these organizations with actionable insights enhancing data security, efficiency, and value creation.


Enabling Data Awareness in Intel Powered Infrastructures


To combine data protection, security, and advanced analytics into a seamless software experience, DataGravity partners with Intel for the advanced, multi-core computing platforms required. The growth in computational power, bandwidth, and memory footprint of Intel standard computing platforms enables DataGravity to revolutionize the industry with data-aware insights, seamlessly and cost-effectively providing data security, protection, and advanced insights, all at the point of data’s creation.


IT Efficiency, Flexibility and Data Awareness for the Modern Data Center


DataGravity and Microsoft cooperate to support our joint customers with advanced virtualized and on-premise cloud-based solutions. Customers benefit by achieving greater visibility and insight into their virtualized data assets. Enhanced security and compliance, greater end user productivity, and streamlined data protection are key benefits of our jointly deployed data-aware solutions.


Predictive Flash Storage with Data-Aware Insights and Security

Nimble Storage

DataGravity and Nimble Storage work together to enhance virtualized environments with advanced flash storage and predictive analytics to overcome barriers introduced by complex IT infrastructure. DataGavity integrates directly with Nimble Predictive Flash platforms to analyze data content, people and activities over time to better secure sensitive data, meet compliance, and detect and defend against security threats.


Secure and Protect Your Virtualized Data from the Inside Out


As an industry leader in hyper-converged solutions, Nutanix helps customers dramatically simplify and flexibly scale their enterprise cloud infrastructure while lowering operational cost and increasing efficiency. DataGravity secures and protects Nutanix environments with advanced data insights and threat detection that provide administrators a 360° view across their virtualized data.


Complete Availability and Rapid, Granular Recovery for the Always-On Enterprise™


DataGravity works together with Veeam’s Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ to fully secure and protect the virtualized data center and maximize uptime with advanced tools and techniques to provide rapid, granular recovery of virtualized data assets. By deploying DataGravity and Veeam together, organizations achieve recoverability of files, file systems, virtual machines, and datastores in minutes, not hours or days.


Dedicated to Greater Data Insight and Governance


DataGravity and VMware cooperatively work together to enhance data management, insight, and governance within virtualized environments, for the benefit of our mutual customers. As a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner, DataGravity is aligned with VMware to enable advanced integration and compatibility, cooperative support, and educational go-to-market programs to fully support customers deploying our joint solutions.