Having been in the data and infrastructure space for a long time, I know innovation tends to be slow until there is a compelling reason that forces change. When this occurs, the industry shifts almost overnight. Data management is just starting to go through this transformation and there are four things driving this:

  1. Lack of visibility into the data being stored is causing sensitive data exposure risks. As of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enforce strict data privacy requirements in the European Union. To avoid hefty fines, expect to see companies starting to put data visibility at the top of their list of IT initiatives.
  2. More people are racing to implement data protection measures without knowing what they’re trying to protect. Managing data this way is ineffective. Policies for protection should be based on the value and access patterns of the data.
  3. The speed at which data can be modified is accelerating. Because data can be compromised in a very short amount of time, time-based protection schemes are no longer sufficient. Restoring strictly from a backup or snapshot basically results in sanctioned data loss. Today, companies need a forensic trail of what happened to determine the best path to recovery. Without it, it’s impossible to understand what was lost and when.  

The industry is quickly learning IT professionals need solutions that allow them to conquer these new data realities, without introducing huge complexity and ridiculous costs. That’s why today we announced V2.0 of our product, DataGravity for Availability,  the first solution to deliver behavior-driven data management. DataGravity for Availability brings the the same rich data management capabilities delivered with DataGravity for Virtualization  to backups and provides support for the Veeam Availability suite.

Considered the premier vendor in this space, Veeam is often heralded for its accessibility and convenience. The tagline people always hear from Veeam users is, “Veeam just works.” But what about when they combine it with a solution like DataGravity for Availability?

A person in our beta program said it best: “Veeam just works. And it works better with DataGravity”.

Let’s face it. Restores can be a nightmare. The majority of everyone’s data lives in a backup somewhere and they have no idea what’s in those backups. It’s very likely that there are all kinds of regulatory violations, malware and other scary things hiding out in there. With DataGravity for Availability, users can finally get visibility into  backups so they can manage them intelligently.

As the data protection world continues to evolve, don’t settle for data management solutions that don’t solve the real problems. Be sure to check out our free trial of the DataGravity for Availability product. In less than 30 minutes, you can be on the path to get the answers to your questions like, “What’s in my backups anyways?” or more importantly, “Do I risk restoring problems I’ve already had?” While I loved the movie Groundhog Day, I don’t want to live it when it comes to my data.

Discover what’s living in your data. Try DataGravity for Availability for free.