HyTrust Acquires the Assets of DataGravity, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is being announced by DataGravity and HyTrust

On July 1, 2017, HyTrust Inc., a leading workload security provider, announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of DataGravity, Inc., a data visibility and security company, to further automate and enhance security policy enforcement for workload data. The acquisition brings new data discovery and classification expertise that expand HyTrust data security solutions focused on protecting workload data. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

2) Were employees retained with the acquisition? How many people were affected? Is DataGravity doing anything to assist with their transition?

Many members of the DataGravity team have joined HyTrust with the close of the transaction.  As with any acquisition certain positions are evaluated for redundancy when merging the teams.  We are helping non-retained team members to find new opportunities.

4) You launched your new product, DataGravity for Virtualization, in January 2017 and DataGravity for Availability in May 2017, what happens to these products?

Analyst and customer feedback to our products remains very positive. This acquisition allows us to focus on more strategic growth and innovation with a combined product suite to offer our customers.   HyTrust will be re-launching the DataGravity products under new branding and with planned future integrations into the HyTrust product suite that will be announced at a future time.  The existing products are being discontinued.

5) What about customers who own a DataGravity Discovery Series array that was already announced as end of sale in March 2016?

DataGravity has announced end of life and support for the DataGravity Discovery Series 1100, 1200, 2200, and 2400 products.  The hardware business, which DataGravity previously exited in March 2016, was not included in the acquisition for carry-on maintenance. Customers who own a DataGravity array will be contacted directly with more information.

6) The industry is always in flux and consolidation is key, why have the assets of DataGravity been acquired by HyTrust?

Ensuring our customers are happy is our number one goal. Our current customers rely on us to protect their data from theft, misuse and abuse. We know DataGravity products work and have the case studies and ROI to prove it.  Joining a world class team with a rich product portfolio that complements the mission of DataGravity allows us to enhance the offerings we have provided our customers and to continue to accelerate innovation around multi-cloud workload data security solutions.

7) Why should customers keep betting on DataGravity products as part of HyTrust?

DataGravity products are unlike any other product on the market, from a technology, mission and service standpoint. HyTrust understands virtualized environments and helps companies secure and protect sensitive information from theft, misuse, and abuse of their data.   This is perfect compliment to the DataGravity vision that we look forward to continuing.  Together, along with our strong partner ecosystem, we will continue to address the critical needs that customers are looking for a best-in-class workload data security platform.

8)  How is the staff morale?

Our team is extremely excited to join HyTrust and take on new and exciting challenges while continuing to bring to market innovative and exciting solutions that address pressing needs of our enterprise customers. In the near future, we will offer additional details on new offerings available to customers from HyTrust leveraging the DataGravity asset acquisition.