Merging Disciplines: Bringing BI, Visualization and Storage Together

Leveraging existing, though unrelated technologies to solve problems is something I have been advocating for, for a long time.  With EqualLogic we merged many of the concepts of virtual memory and management automation with storage.  This resulted in a storage appliance that could scale in capacity and performance increments without downtime. It also significantly simplified […]

VMware Names DataGravity Team Members to 2014 vExperts List

In today’s Digital Age, it’s not enough to be “The Expert.” The engineers and information technologists who find ways to share their expertise with colleagues, industry peers and line-of-business users become far more valuable to their communities and influential in their industries. That’s why we took note this week when VMware added two DataGravity team […]

At Cloud Factory, DataGravity to Talk About the Age of Useful(less) Information

On the second day of The Cloud Factory, billed as “planet earth’s premiere enterprise technology conference,” DataGravity Co-founder and CEO Paula Long will join several of the industry’s other thought leaders in addressing big questions about how businesses use, and don’t use, their information. The name of Paula’s panel discussion says a lot about how […]

Why I Joined DataGravity

I wanted to take a few moments and add my perspective to the recent press announcement about my joining DataGravity.  For more than 20 years now, I have been working with innovative companies that are shaping how people consume and benefit from information. Well before “big data” became the latest buzzword, the companies I’ve worked […]

When You’re Not a Data Scientist, But You Need More Data Intelligence

For the most part, business analysts have done a commendable job of managing the big data deluge. At small and medium-sized businesses, non-IT staffers have found ways to extract actionable information from structured data sources, such as databases, excel spreadsheets, and more recently log files. In doing so, they’ve given their employers data-driven competitive advantages. […]

The Need for the IT Hero

As more IT organizations take advantage of cloud services – either through public providers or by slowly converting their own internal IT departments to behave more like service providers – you can make the case that the traditional IT professional is being expected to account for the business value he brings to the organization.  It’s […]

5 Insights Gartner Wants You to Know About Unstructured Data

It’s been about a year since Gartner Analyst Alan Dayley authored “Innovation Insight: File Analysis Innovation Delivers an Understanding of Unstructured Dark Data.” However, the insights in Dayley’s report remain just as relevant today, since so many business leaders are still scratching their heads over how to shine a light on this “dark data.” In […]

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