About David Siles

David is Chief Technology Officer for DataGravity. Prior to becoming CTO, David served as vice president of worldwide field operations at DataGravity. Previously, he was a member of the senior leadership team at Veeam Software. He also served as CTO and VP of professional services for systems integrator Hipskind TSG. A graduate of DeVry University, he is a frequent speaker at top tier technology shows and a recognized expert in virtualization.

This Is How Big the Big Data Challenge Is

August 11th, 2014|Data storage|

It can be difficult to get your mind around the size of a nearly infinite challenge. When we talk about big data – and everybody’s been talking about how to manage and leverage it for years now – what are we inferring? We know that [...]

People are loving the DataGravity solution.

March 4th, 2013|Customer insight|

I have officially been on board at DataGravity just over two months now and a good part of that time has been working with our talented R&D team and engaging with our trusted advisors in our Early Access Program.  We launched the program to ensure [...]

DataGravity will help you see your data differently

February 8th, 2013|Data management|

DataGravity has one mission that our entire team is working hard on right now, that is turning your data into information.  The world of data that we all consumed comes in many forms but fall into two different categories; structured and unstructured.  The world of [...]

DataGravity, Changing the Status Quo

February 5th, 2013|Data storage|

I have been in the IT industry for over 20 years and one of the greatest pleasures is to watch companies innovate and change the way we work, live and play.  History is full of great success stories, yet they all started with one simple [...]